Friday, May 18, 2018

week update

So I forced myself to do some gardening after work this past week. First-world problems, I know. At least the weather has been lovely.

Monday   Weeded around the raised bed and in the yard across the path from it. Cleared out last year's dried arugula stems/seed pods. Taylor was very interested in all the new sniffs. Hacked back the daylilies — it's going to take disassembling the railroad ties to get that one clump out. Raked all the straw to one side and forked in a bag of mushroom compost. Pulled the drip hose out of the shed (there was much swearing). Set up a line of folded tomato cages as a temporary fence to keep the dog out. ಠ_ಠ

Tuesday   Added Yum-Yum Mix to raised bed. Planted tomatoes, basil, Italian parsley (lookin' pretty sad) and chives. Watered them in with Super Thrive. Set up the drip hose and re-mulched with the straw. Put tomato cages around not only the tomatoes, but also the basil and chives. I believe this is what they refer to in dog training circles as “setting the dog up for success.” I still left the wheelbarrow in the path in front of the raised bed to dissuade Taylor from investigating/digging.

Wednesday   I finally picked up gravel to mulch the east bed. It sat for a week or so before I got around to it. I couldn't decide if it would be better to spread the gravel first (more of a pain to move it aside to plant stuff) or after planting (more of a pain to work around/not crush the plants). So I kind of did it in stages, moving all the new plants out of the bed, spreading the gravel behind where the plants would go, then planting and gently filling gravel in around, working my way from the back to the front. Got about halfway done. Set up the willow trellis thing flat with some random bamboo stakes in hopes of keeping the dog out.

Thursday   Finished planting and gravel mulching the east bed. The willow trellis just doesn't curve the way I need it to when extended to its full length, so I went back to the crossed bamboo. Used more stakes to get smaller openings. Hopefully it will dissuade the dog.

Sunday, May 6, 2018

2018 Garden Fair | weekend update

Oh, hi there! This is Taylor, our new dog. She very much enjoys being in the backyard, digging holes in the “lawn” and the east bed, under our bedroom window. The crossed bamboo stick barrier that I put up there last summer to keep Cheyenne out provided zero impediment to her. I've acquired an expandable willow trellis thing to use as edging/fencing in an attempt to keep her out of there.

Also, Taylor had some ... disturbing? poops Saturday morning, so we hot-footed it over to the vet (she is doing well, got a wide-spectrum gut-bug killer and is on a week of colon-soothing pills). I ended up missing prime tomato-buying time at the Garden Fair while waiting at the vet (Bram missed helping set up for Free Comic Book Day at Big Adventure Comics as well). Luckily, my in-laws were there first thing and picked up the requisite Sungold and (lacking any Robesons available for purchase) Black Krim tomato plants for me. They refused to disclose the price, extracting only a promise of tomatoes as repayment. Hopefully the row cover I ordered will thwart any Curly Top Virus-spreading bugs.

I did, however, go over to Waterwise on Saturday to get (in retrospect, probably too many) perennials for the east bed:
  • 5 Penstemon pinifolius
  • 3 Penstemon "Dark Towers"
  • 3 Sedum spurium "Dragon’s Blood"
  • 3 Salvia nemorosa "May Night"
  • 3 Agastache "Desert Sunset"
  • 3 Agastache rupestris "Glowing Embers"
Why do all these cultivar names sound like they're from a Dungeons and Dragons campaign?

Dug in 2 bags of mushroom compost, and set out the pots. Will attempt to plant them after work sometime this week. Need mulch — gravel, preferably.

[click for larger]

Monday, April 23, 2018

2018 nursery trip

Took today off, met up with Jim and Marsha at San Marcos and caravan-ed over to NM Plant Co. It was my in-laws' first time and they say they'll be back later this week to get more stuff.

Greeter dog is a tank. The guys said "it's all fur," but I dunno. Also: greeter dog's name is Tag. Hi, Tag.

Still good selection, not too busy. I'd say four or five other groups of customers while we were there.

[click for larger]

M+J got some herbs and mostly flowers for the big pots in their courtyard and on their front porch. As always, I'm smitten by the dahlias.

Annuals for the front door pot:
  • 1 dahlia
  • 2 white impatiens
  • 2 multi-colored coleus
  • 1 lime-green sweet potato vine

Herb starts:
  • 2 Genovese basil
  • 2 Italian flat-leaf parsley
  • 6 chives
    (because of course all my chives died over the winter, too)

Saturday, April 21, 2018