Saturday, May 22, 2010

weekend updates

Last weekend, planted the Sungold tomatoes I got at the Garden Fair under the Walls-O-Water.

Took away the Walls this weekend. The tomatoes were looking really unhappy — dried-up tops sticking out, wilty underneath. No photos, it's too depressing.

Monday, May 10, 2010

weekend update

Saturday: Moved the potatoes to a big plastic pot — the dog was sleeping on the potato bag! Too flat and inviting, I guess. Straw mulch on top.

Picked up supplies for a small (2) straw-bale setup in the side bed. Set up the 2 bales, topped with mushroom compost, set up soaker hose on top of compost, and more straw on top of that. Watered that all down.

Bought + planted some cosmos starts for the front bed — neighbor cats stay away!

Added mushroom compost to the raised bed, where the tomatoes will go. Set up 3 walls-o-water there. New straw mulch.

Hit the bindweed in the patio with some Roundup — we've been advised that's the only way to really get rid of it.

Bought and potted up a little mint plant. Bram: "Oh, hey! A mojito tree!"

Bram mowed and weeded dandelions.

Sunday: Roundup seems to be doing its thing on the bindweed. Die, bindweed, die! Now I need to pick up one of those big sprayer vats of it and do the rest.

One of Bram's coworkers had a bindweed horror story about how it had grown up UNDER someone's foundation and into the house. It has an urban myth vibe though, I think it happened to someone's brother-in-law's cousin's neighbor's mom or something.

Sunday, May 9, 2010

seed starting progress

Almost everything has sprouted, and the little guys are an inch or so tall. The only things that didn't come up were: 1 of the 2 cups with Tess's Land Race Currant Tomato; and the Roma Rio Grande Tomato.

The larger tomato plants I got at the Garden Fair are getting leggy. I'll give 'em a couple of more days, then put them out in the walls-o-water.