Monday, October 24, 2011

weekend update: last tomatoes

It's supposed to maybe snow (!!!) next week, so I tackled shutting down the tomatoes Saturday.

The Sungolds were, again, just monstrous. I ended up cutting the plants apart into manageable sections, just to make composting easier and also to make sure I didn't miss any tomatoes.

There were enough ripe ones to make a small tomato salad for me and Bram on Saturday, and to top two pizzas for dinner with Jim, Stacy, and Bernice on Sunday. I separated the rest into three groups: mostly yellow/will ripen soon; yellowy-green/should ripen in a while; hard, white-green/probably won't ripen. I'm thinking of maybe making the dilled green tomatoes recipe referenced recently over at You Grow Girl.

In dismembering the behemoth Sungold, I discovered a few green Robesons, and one red one in the back that had all but rotted on the vine (sob!) I think the plan for next year will be to relegate one Sungold (or maybe two?) out to the south-facing side bed, and put two Robesons in the raised bed.