Saturday, May 17, 2008

compost bin

We started a compost pile after moving in, but it was never contained and properly started. So today, got some worms at the Farmers Market in the morning, and some straw bales in the afternoon. The guys at the Feed Bin took one look at my 2-door, 1991 Sentra sedan and burst out laughing — I had bought eight bales for them to load. They crammed three in the trunk (left open), two in the back seat, and one in the front passenger seat. I had to go back for the other two (trunk). Good thing they're only four blocks away. The inside of the car was at least three inches deep in straw after I got everything unloaded. Spent a couple hours clearing out space for the bales around the existing pile of yard-clippings-and-mummified-lime-rinds crap, stacking the bales around the perimeter, turning over the contents, watering, and adding the worms to their new home.

Then I had to clean all that straw out of my car.