Monday, April 26, 2010

weekend update

On Saturday Stacy and I hit the Garden Fair. Vendors were much the same as previous years. Cloudy, windy, and cold outside. I came home with 2 packs of seeds from Seeds of Change (lupine and pumpkin) and 2 tomato plants (Sungold cherry tomatoes). I hope I don't kill them.

Sunday I finished sewing my "potato bag," and planted the spuds. I ended up buying a roll of non-woven weed barrier fabric on my way home from the Garden Fair. I was hoping for something woven, but that was the "professional grade" weed barrier — too expensive and only came in ginormous rolls. Ultimately, I think I made the bag too big. Plus, I'm worried the dog will get into them, she was curious. Maybe I should ... I dunno ... move them to a regular planter? Sigh.

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