Monday, May 10, 2010

weekend update

Saturday: Moved the potatoes to a big plastic pot — the dog was sleeping on the potato bag! Too flat and inviting, I guess. Straw mulch on top.

Picked up supplies for a small (2) straw-bale setup in the side bed. Set up the 2 bales, topped with mushroom compost, set up soaker hose on top of compost, and more straw on top of that. Watered that all down.

Bought + planted some cosmos starts for the front bed — neighbor cats stay away!

Added mushroom compost to the raised bed, where the tomatoes will go. Set up 3 walls-o-water there. New straw mulch.

Hit the bindweed in the patio with some Roundup — we've been advised that's the only way to really get rid of it.

Bought and potted up a little mint plant. Bram: "Oh, hey! A mojito tree!"

Bram mowed and weeded dandelions.

Sunday: Roundup seems to be doing its thing on the bindweed. Die, bindweed, die! Now I need to pick up one of those big sprayer vats of it and do the rest.

One of Bram's coworkers had a bindweed horror story about how it had grown up UNDER someone's foundation and into the house. It has an urban myth vibe though, I think it happened to someone's brother-in-law's cousin's neighbor's mom or something.

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