Sunday, April 26, 2009

weekend update

I did end up going to the Garden Fair on Saturday, no photos. Met up with Stacy there for a brief visit. Also chatted with her mom Bernice, who was keeping Kate company at the Ecoversity table. Also ran into Kathleen and Suzanne — small town!

Stacy mentioned that she had bought Brussels sprout seedlings, but they only came in 9-packs, and she didn't have room for all of them (she's doing raised box beds) and did I want 3 of them? Today she dropped them off, as she threatened to. So I had to finish fencing in the garden (needed a second roll of fencing to make it all the way around), and plant them. Here's the (hopefully) dog-proof result:

I guess it would be more accurately called dog-resistant. Cheyenne could definitely get in there if she really wanted to. Mostly I'm depending on her lack of ambition. ha ha.

I have no idea what kind of Brussels sprouts these are. Apparently, neither does the company that grows them:

Here they are, all in a row. Grow, little dudes!

Also put in radish, carrot, and beet seeds in the raised bed along the back of the house. Rows marked with PINK! string, recovered with straw mulch, and strewn with the dried stalks from last year's agastache flowers. It's my half-assed attempt to keep the neighbor's fricka-fracka cats out of there. I have a sinking feeling I'll need to use my whole ass and put up some chicken wire later, when it doesn't work.

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