Saturday, May 7, 2011

weekend update: planting

I managed to put everything in the ground, except the Rosemary plant. Still not sure where that will go yet.

White geranium (pelargonium), lantana, and lobelias went in the pot by the front door. Two flax plants and three California poppies went into the front yard bed that borders the sidewalk. I think one of the poppies isn't gonna make it. Maybe I'll pick up a replacement. Completely emptied the front rain barrel with the front-of-the-house flower planting (new hose!). Ran out one of the side yard barrels under the apricot tree.

The dill, thyme, basil, and tomatoes all went into the backyard raised bed. Set up the soaker hose, and mulched everything with more straw.

Picked up two tomato cages (and a wire basket) at this weekend's sale benefitting the Santa Fe Botanical Garden. They fold flat!

Also, happy birthday, Mom!

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