Saturday, April 27, 2013

2013 Garden Fair

After swinging by a yard sale, and getting breakfast at Flying Star, Stacy and I headed over to the Garden Fair! This year, the weather was great — sunny and breezy. We got there around 10:15 (it opened at 10), and the Eulalio's Farm ladies were abosolutely mobbed. They couldn't take people's money fast enough ($4 per plant, or 4 for $15, same as last year). Got my usual two Sungolds and two Paul Robesons. Stacy also bought a Robeson and a Sungold, plus a bunch more, I don't recall what flavors. We met up with Beverly and then the three of us went to lunch at the south side Plaza Cafe. Yum!

Eulalio's was bumpin'!

This year's offerings:

This guy had a kind of "The End Is Nigh" vibe. He was letting people know that Jannine Cabossel's tomato-growing lecture was about to start.

A picture of Stacy taking a picture of the bee people's bees:


Stacy's haul:

My haul:

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