Monday, July 7, 2014

weekend update

Bad news: Tomatoes and peppers in the side bed are still tiny. Peppers:

I cut the crack-in-the-sidewalk volunteer arugula down and put it between the tomato cages. maybe i'll get some volunteers over there. Sungolds:

Good news: Hey, look! Dill volunteers!

Bad news: One of the Robesons is also struggling.

Good news: ZOMFG, more arugula than you can imagine. Thanks to the ever-fabulous Bev for the perennial arugula! Also, other herbs are doing well.

Here's a shot of the dog lawn, mid-June. Not 100% sure how she got in there, but the flagging tape caught her collar for a nanosecond on the way out, earning us a GSoD. You can see the clover has really filled in.

Bad news: It took me 3 days this long weekend to pull up/cut down the shin-high pigweed that had sprouted up since then. Also: took down the flagging tape.

[click for larger]

Good news: Buffalograss!

Good news: Hollyhocks!

Good news: Roses and Primroses!

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