Monday, October 13, 2014

long weekend update

Called it for the backyard for the summer. Pulled out the tomatoes and peppers, cut down the 12-foot hollyhock, cut back the Maximilian sunflowers (including the ones in the side yard, which has been impassable from them since July), put away the cages/bamboo stakes and most of the hoses/sprinklers, dug up some of the ever-fabulous Bev's perennial arugula volunteers for Cynthia and Steve. Picked up a new Dramm watering wand (gift card from Jim for Newman's), 8 Lacinato kale starts (Agua Fria Nursery) and 4 cota plants (Plants of the Southwest). Kale went in the raised bed, where the tomatoes were. Cota went out front in the sidewalk bed.


Cota (note one of the transplanted daisies behind on the right):

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