Saturday, April 30, 2011

weekend update: 2011 garden fair

Hit the Garden Fair on Saturday. Bright and sunny for a change! Windy, too. Stacy couldn't make it, and I didn't run into anyone I knew was coming, so just poked around by myself.

The usual suspects. Stacy asked me to pick her up a marjoram start, and I was looking for dill, but couldn't find either. Ended up running by Santa Fe greenhouses on my way home and got both there.

The ladies from Eulalio's Farm were back with a buttload of tomatoes! They're the same folks I bought last year's Sungolds from. This year, got one Sungold and one Paul Robeson.

(Yes, those are my old Sentra floor mats in the new Pontiac! Homage to last year's photo.)

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