Tuesday, May 1, 2012

2012 nursery trip

Took a few hours off on Monday and went to New Mexico Plant Co. with Stacy, Beverly, Teri and Aunt Marianne. This is the same place we went to last year. Remembered to bring my camera this time.

Heading in (left to right: Stacy, Marianne, Teri):

Panoramic view inside the greenhouses:
[click for larger]

Teri, with basil, parsley, and marigolds:

This is only part of Stacy’s haul:

I spent around $15 and got:
  • 3 blue "petchoas"
    (which are some sort of petunia/calibrachoa hybrid, apparently)
  • 2 white geraniums (pelargonium)
    (for the big pot by the front door)
  • 3 basil starts
    (for south-facing bed, with the tomatoes)

Stacy and Bev ham it up:

Ladies’ lunch at San Marcos Cafe + Feed Store afterwards!

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