Friday, May 4, 2012

omg, the apricot tree

So, ever since we moved into the house in the spring of 2007, the apricot tree next to the driveway has always put on a lovely, showy bloom. Here’s a photo of it from that spring:

Our real estate agent opined that it looked like "a Baumann woodcut."
[click for larger Gustave Baumann goodness]


Also, every spring, there’s a cold snap that kills off any set fruit. We’ve gotten a few fruit here and there. Maybe 20, max. This year, however, the spring’s been really mild, and that tree is loaded with fruit. I’m a little worried.


GirlSprout said...

I have apricots, too. They don't seem as plentiful as yours. I think it's the second time in about ten years.

monica said...

My retired-naturalist neighbor opined that the apricots only fruit like this every six or seven years. But when they do, you get enough to freeze (or sock away by other methods) to last you until the next major harvest. Maybe he has a chest freezer I can rent space in.