Sunday, May 12, 2013

front bed

Did some Mother's Day gardening. Raked, dug up all the dead iris roots (remaining six or so healthy rhizomes to Stacy), found Paul's black-and-gold D20, and ripped out all the defunct drip lines. Watered, dug in a bag of mushroom compost, watered some more, planted the daisies, cosmos, and sage I picked up at NM Plant Co. plus a Home Depot impulse-buy gaura, watered again, spread mulch, watered. Oh, and I also planted the geranium and petchoa in the big pot.

Waiting to be planted:

Front bed:

View from the other direction:

The next day, slightly overcast:

Gaura closeup:

Rusty stuff:

Elspeth always gives me the side eye.

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