Saturday, May 18, 2013


Walked over to Payne's today and picked up a thyme start and a hose end repair kit for the soaker hose. (Wrong size. [rassafrassa] So I scavenged an end piece from some old unused drip line. Seemed to be holding, so I buried the soakers under the straw.) So the herb area in the raised bed now has three sparse-looking chive plants, one vigorous garlic chive plant, three basil plants (two okay, one struggling), one thyme, and two perennial arugula transplants from the ever-fabulous Bev. Had to add the bamboo stakes after the dog tried to lie down up there.



Thyme, basil behind:

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GirlSprout said...

I got some self-sealing tape called rescue tape that is supposed to be good for pipe repairs, but might work on something like a soaker hose. It was kind of pricey, but all the reviews I read about it were great.