Sunday, May 4, 2014

2014 Garden Fair

It was a beautiful day, sunny, 70s. Plans were to meet up with the ever-fabulous Bev at the info booth right at 10:00 when they opened. Pulled in to my parking spot at exactly 10:00. Walking up to the fairgrounds, ran into Calliope and Deb. Then, waiting with Bev were Teri and Aunt Marianne and their neighbor Annie. Saw my neighbors Jane and Carol getting their tomatoes. After getting our tomatoes and checking out the exhibits, said hi to Kathleen and ran into Barb (both volunteering with SFMGA)! Bev declared that we should all (me, Teri, Marianne, Annie and Annie's friend Eileen) go get coffee and/or lunch, so we headed over to Plaza Cafe Southside. It was a fun Ladies' Lunch!

Eulalio's Farm is now Las Farministas!

Selling herbs too, this year:

The 2014 tomato selection:

Lauren Tietje (right) chatting with The Tomato Lady, Jannine Cabossel (in green)!

Bev! Doing great after breaking her leg last fall.

My usual haul, 2 Sungolds, 2 Robesons:


Stacy said...

Looks like a great day, thinking of you all!

monica said...

miss you lots!! :)