Sunday, May 11, 2014

weekend update

Put in the tomatoes and the flowers on Saturday. Pushing it — we're not supposed to put things out until the 15th. Dug in mushroom compost, set up soaker hoses, straw mulch — the usual. Tomatoes waiting to go in:

Raised bed got the Robesons and the basil. The perennial arugula Bev gave me last year is back, there's a giant volunteer arugula growing out of the crack between the railroad ties and the flagstones, the thyme survived the winter, and we've been eating chives for a month now.

Side bed got the sungolds. There's a big blank space between the tomatoes and the agastache, maybe I'll get a couple pepper starts and put them there. Yeah, that wall crack got big over the winter.

Out front, put the geranium and petchoas in the big pot, the penstemon and sweet alyssum in the front bed. All the perennials I put in last year survived and are coming back.

Elspeth's head is cracked.

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