Sunday, June 11, 2017

weekend update

Back yard: Northeast bed: ugh. This bed. So, first, had a snafu sourcing a good-quality farm jack in town, so I ordered one online from Big Orange. It came in on Tuesday, Bram and I picked it up Wednesday evening. Thursday after work this happened:

Then the rope broke. Boo. Got some chain on Friday, then tried unsuccessfully on Saturday and (with Bram's help) on Sunday to extract the dang stump. Chain shenanigans, wrong jack placement, wrong 2x4 support placement, dirt too compacted (around the stump), dirt not compacted enough (under the jack/supports). Each attempt took like five minutes to reset the chain and/or jack. There were tears (me, not Bram). Plus it was too hot, and working in the full sun was killing us.

Stump wouldn't budge. I assume there must be some king hella taproot that goes all the way to Subterranea.

New plan: I've excavated more around the stump and have offered to give the jack to a friend's father-in-law in exchange for him bringing his chainsaw over and cutting the Stump From Hell off as far below grade as possible. Then I backfill, amend the soil and finally get those poor plants in the ground. *fingers crossed*

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