Sunday, June 18, 2017

weekend update

Back yard: Northeast bed: T — friend's father-in-law — came by Saturday afternoon with his chainsaw. It was hot out, but stump was in shade, so not too bad. Everything was working great, until the saw ran out of gas and then had vapor lock from the heat and wouldn't restart. T had got most of the stump out by then though, and was able to hack the rest loose with the pick mattock. 14/10! Above and beyond, T! 👍

Stump remains, and the removed parts filled one of those Big Orange 5-gallon buckets:

On Sunday morning, I went out to shovel the pile of dirt back into the bed, then dig in sand, mushroom compost and Yum Yum mix. I got as far as shoveling the dirt in and dumping the other amendments on top before it got too hot and I had to go inside.

Waited until dusk-ish to mix the dirt and plant the mockorange, penstemons, agastaches, and columbines. Finally! Aside from not being able to get a proper "after" photo, I highly recommend evening gardening! I'll be looking into getting some crusher fines/gravel for mulch. The penstemons especially like a dry mulch.

The accent rock is the only thing you can (kind of) see! 😂

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