Saturday, May 9, 2009

last known photo?

My tomatoes are leggier than Naomi Campbell!

Well, I transplanted the tomatoes into bigger pots today. Note for future reference: lots of trouble getting the fragile little buggers out of the seed-starting contraption thingus. Dirt would KNOT come out! I hope the 'maters survive.

Flowers (mystery marigolds + cosmos) went into the front bed, and were then mulched heavily with straw, in another half-assed attempt to keep the stupid neighbor cats from digging them up (also for water retention and weed suppression).

In other garden news: radish sprouting action!

And a new rain barrel.


Anonymous said...

Hey Monica~ Nice to see the garden. Bram stopped by and mentioned your blog. Love it. My Toms were a little leggy too. Even thought the lights were practically on top of them. I just pinched the bottom leaves off and buried them really deep. Or you can dig a trench pin them down and bury the stems. Can't wait to see more pics.

monica said...

hi Shelby! Thanks, I need to come by + see your raised beds. I am jealous!