Saturday, May 30, 2009


Hardened-off 'maters went in today. One each of three types (Principe Borghese, Roma Rio Grande, Tigerella — despite my faith, the Black Princes were duds) in three locations: back raised bed; side flower bed; backyard bed.

Last year, the tomatoes in the middle-of-the-backyard bed never took off. We thought, maybe not warm enough? It gets the lots of sun, but friends of ours have had better luck with less sun, but warmer locations (since the nights are often be cool, even in July and August), like up against walls and houses. So, this year, I'm experimenting with putting some tomatoes up against the wall in the side flower bed (south-facing), and up against the house (east-facing), in the raised bed where the herbs are.

Raised bed:

Side bed:

Backyard bed:

Also direct-sowed the cukes, black beans, pumpkin, and squashes. My fingers are crossed.

Had some leftover little leggy tomatoes, so Bram and I walked the dog over to Dave and Shelby's and gave 'em to them. I'm so jealous of her raised beds!

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