Monday, May 25, 2009

weeding, watering, mulching

Oh, the bindweed — we're pretty much screwed. But Bram, bless his heart, ripped out the stuff growing up through the patio cracks. Maybe we'll carefully paint what grows back with some Roundup in the fall... blegh.

While he was doing that, I weeded the back bed, side bed, and the main garden — in preparation for planting the tomatoes, squashes, and beans. Then I hit all the freshly-weeded areas with the spading fork to loosen things up, watered, and mulched everything with straw. Then it was 5:30, and I was too tired after today's hike to keep going. I'll try to plug the seeds and 'maters in this week.

Tomatoes have been hardening off in a shady corner of the patio for the past couple of days.

Fennel and sage in the herb garden

Radishes (the carrots and beets were no-shows... bummer)

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