Friday, May 8, 2015

2015 nursery trip

So, when I ran into the ever-fabulous Bev at the Garden Fair, she told me she was on her way to NM Plant Co next, and that she's already been (of course!), and — most importantly — that they get absolutely cleaned out for Mother's Day. So, I took off a couple hours Thursday morning before work and went out by myself. I was worried that they might be closed, but things were bumpin' by the time I left!

[click for larger]

You can tell these guys are pros.

Got a buncha annuals for the pot by the front door (a few more shade-loving things this time):
  • 3 white impatiens
  • 1 dusty miller
  • 2 green coleus
  • 1 dark red coleus
  • 2 blue petunias

Also picked up 3 chive starts and 2 sage plants — total was $25 and change. At the office, I wouldn't shut up about my plant haul and dragged three people out to my car to show off.

The selection was a little less than in previous years, but I'll chalk that up to going later in the season? Also, it wasn't as fun to go without the ladies. Next time, we lunch!

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