Sunday, May 10, 2015

weekend update

Front yard:
Planted in the sidewalk bed: 5 Dakota verbena; the 2 sages from NM Plant Co; babies offsets from the pot o'hens'n'chicks. Cota came back. Transplanted daisies have varying levels of vigor.

Front door bed: some things didn't make it — Ann Folkard geranium, one of the Richardsonii geraniums, one of the leadworts (leads wort?):

I hacked back/pulled up some of the prairie sage gray sagewort to give the new plants more space:

Back yard:
Planted the three chive starts from NM Plant Co:

Who wants chowdah? kale?

Giant colony of hollyhock volunteers back by the shed. The dog, she is only there for scale.

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