Thursday, April 28, 2016

2016 nursery trip

I took off a couple hours this morning before work and went out to NM Plant Co.

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Greeter dog was happy to greet, but was dubious about having his picture taken.

Much better selection than last year, when I waited until after the beginning of May to go. They're kind of picked-over by then.

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Got mostly shade-loving annuals for the pot by the front door (that worked out well last year):
  • 1 white sage (thriller?)
  • 2 white impatiens (filler)
  • 2 multi-colored coleus (filler)
  • 2 purple sweet potato vines (spiller?)

Also picked up 2 each starts each of:
  • chives
  • Genovese basil
  • Persian (!) basil
  • thyme
Total was $23 and change.

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