Saturday, May 7, 2016

2016 Garden Fair

Garden Fair! I headed out around 10:00, but it seemed less crowded than usual. Maybe because this spring has been all over the place, weather-wise and not a many people were feeling the urge to garden? Maybe because, although it was sunny and 60° out, it was also super windy, with lots of blowing dust. Either way, parking was quick and the crowds were light.

Picked up tomato plants from the Farministas ladies as usual (same prices as last year: $4 each, or 4 for $15). Only got one Sungold and one Robeson this year. I'm planning on only planting in the raised bed, in hopes of getting the wall/fence fixed this summer? Ran into my neighbor Marcy, her husband Steve was giving a talk! (Duh, it was right there on the Garden Fair graphic!) Also said hi to Douglas, she asked about Jim + Stacy + Bernice.

Headed past the food trucks to check out the vendors in the other building, picked up two flame flowers and three evening primroses for the front yard (along the sidewalk, I think, where it's sunniest). Checked out the vendors and displays in both buildings, then headed out. Quick stop on the way home at Plants of the Southwest for (ever) more grass seed and a packet of Dakota verbena seeds.

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