Sunday, May 15, 2016

weekend update

Still too cold to plant the tomatoes, so I planted the coleus, sage, impatiens and sweet potato vines in the front door pot and the primroses and flame flowers I got at the Garden Fair out by the sidewalk. Lost some things waiting to transplant. I think the trays were too crowded in the tub — looked like damping off. Croaked: one of the coleus (I cut the top off and am trying to root it); both thyme plants; both Persian basil plants. Boo. Trying to get quick pix while it was raining, I ended up with only blurry cell phone pix. Double boo.

Some of the cottonwood twigs rooted (!?!), so I left them in.

Primrose out by the mailbox and sidewalk:

Flame flowers in the terracotta thingus with the hens+chicks by the mailbox:

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